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How Agendia Utilized a Website Redesign and a Webinar Series To Increase Leads and Conversion Rates



In an already highly saturated market, Agendia faced additional obstacles being viewed as an out-of-date brand that was old and stale. Though their data was significantly better than the market leader, they still found themselves unable to overcome the preconceived notions of offering a lesser product than their main competitor. This translated into the sales force facing difficulties getting in front of new prospective customers. If the organization was to make any headway in growing market share, they needed to employ a new strategy.


To address this problem, Marketing’s key objectives included the following:

  • Execute a complete website redesign to modernize Agendia, as well as incorporate the

    patient voice into all content. The goal was to increase customer confidence in the

    product and organization while infusing emotion into the buyer’s journey.

  • Develop an educational webinar series designed to inform rather than blatantly sell. The previous webinars were clearly designed to promote Agendia’s product and were poorly attended. The new strategy was to attract new leads to fill the pipeline through topics that benefited the attendee, while holding off on promoting Agendia’s products until the end of the series.


Key Results

  • Increased webinar attendance by 400%

  • Increased the conversion rate from each webinar to 52%

    Website: ​

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