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How Phenogen Sciences Experienced Increased Sales Through Simplified Messaging and a Company Spokesperson


Phenogen Sciences experienced a severe sales decline three years running. Monthly sales had reached an all-time low. As a novel product that introduced a new testing concept in breast cancer, the organization already faced great scrutiny around having sufficient data to persuade clinicians to order. Additionally, a company executive recently signed a new company spokesperson without having a strategy in place. Those issues in addition to being an unknown and small company, messy customer targeting, and confusing order criteria led to increasing lost customers with dwindling sales from current customers.


To address the increasing sales slump, Marketing’s key objectives included the following:

  • Utilize the company spokesperson in marketing and messaging to give the

    organization an appearance of being larger and well established, thereby increasing

    customer confidence.

  • Simplify order criteria to enable clinician identification of qualified patients very easily.

  • Narrow customer targets to Ob/Gyns and Breast Imaging Centers to allow the sales

    force to focus on two segments rather than target haphazardly.

Key Results

  • Sales increased by 200% in 6 months

  • Phenogen experienced the first positive sales trend in three years

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