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How American Pathology Partners Increased Molecular Diagnostic Infectious Disease Sales through Updated Messaging and a Speaker Program



In 2012, American Pathology Partners launched an in-house molecular diagnostic infectious disease panel. Previously, testing was sent to a vendor laboratory. American Pathology Partners anticipated a smooth transition of all existing business alongside a growth in volume due to a large number of targeted panels within the main panel. However, in reality they experienced a stagnation in volume growth. Through research, the new Marketing department discovered scattered messaging with no differentiation from competitors alongside a missing peer-to-peer champion.



To address the stagnant sales numbers, Marketing’s key objectives included the following

  • Develop precise and clear messaging that was differentiated from all competitors.

    Messaging included data around potential serious health risk to the patients that was

    widely unknown.

  • Create targeted messaging for each panel within the main panel to more effectively

    sell to individual patient needs.

Key Results

Increased panel orders by 142% quarter over quarter

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