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The Company


Clinical Decision Support (CDS) SaaS software platform that instantly personalizes, prioritizes, and identifies treatment options to help doctors and patients make better medical decisions. The software analyzes an individual’s medical profile and prioritizes answers by ranking and scoring treatments against established health guidelines in seconds. As a result, the safest, most effective, and most affordable treatment options are identified. 

The Challenge


Anvita Health, based in San Diego, CA, had created a powerful clinical decision support engine that compared drug-to- drug and drug-to-condition variables to perform real-time safety checks. The company was in start-up mode and needed help putting a “face” on its powerful technology, positioning its products and services to the healthcare IT market, and gaining exposure as a thought leader in healthcare analytics solution. The company had  no defined position, no sales tools, and virtually no awareness in the market. 


Our Response

Outsourced VP of Marketing with Surge, focusing on product positioning, branding and messaging, public relations, thought leadership, digital marketing and alliance co-marketing.

The Results


Surge Health establish a strategic direction for Anvita Health’s product positioning, closely aligned to the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and consumer health portal channels. I established a new brand identity, driven off the multi-dimensional nature of its analytics engine, and applied that identity across media - web, print, sales tools, event marketing. We then established an aggressive public relations effort to establish the company as a healthcare leader in healthcare analytics, closely partnering with Google to announce the integration into Google Health.  The end result was a strategic alliance with Google and Cleveland Clinic that paved the way for the company’s acquisition by Humana.

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