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The Company


Missouri Health & Wellness received state licenses to operate 5 medical cannabis dispensaries throughout the state. A leadership team from Illinois that was instrumental in the successful launch and subsequent purchase of Rise Cannabis dispensary is Quincy, IL, wanted to replicate that success in the Show-Me state. 

The Challenge

MH&W had no brand identity and was limited by the name that was registered with the state. Surge Health was asked to develop an identity that would bring the name to life despite these limitations. MH&W also needed a long-term partner who could build out an integrated marketing plan and help execute that with the company’s emerging team.


Our Response

Surge crafted a brand that was Missouri-centric, fun, yet clearly positioned on the right side of the recreational/medical cannabis spectrum. We developed an omni-channel marketing plan that incorporated the nuances of the highly-regulated cannabis industry. Then we designed a digital front door strategy that integrated the specialized marketing stack of the cannabis industry, including a website tied to POS, CRM and Marketing Automation Platforms. Lastly, we architected a customer engagement strategy that included personas, drip campaigns and points-based loyalty program.


The Results


In the short term, we have established a brand identity and plan that will differentiate MH&H. Our ultimate goals are for MH&W to own local search in their space, pre-register at least 5,000 prospective patients before launch, and establish a superior omnichannel experience for their customers.

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