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The Company


Clinical Decision Support (CDS) SaaS software platform that analyzes, interprets, and generates a report on the tumor profile for cancer patients. The software works by analyzing an individual’s tumor genomics to assess the specific variants and alterations unique to each patient, enabling an interpretation that identifies the safest and most effective treatment options along with potential clinical trials eligible to each patient. This allows healthcare providers to make personalized and informed decisions in cancer treatment. 

The Challenge

As competitors entered the market, customers and prospects began to view PierianDx as interchangeable with competitors. PierianDx needed to position itself as a superior offering,  different from other solutions, saving customer both time and money, there, warranting a higher price point. 


Our Response

PierianDx’s platform offered two unique advantages that were important to customers: real world knowledge based on actual cases and the most comprehensive and applicable knowledge base in the industry, unmatched by any competitor in the market. New messaging centered around this key differentiator was created. 


The Results

We implemented marketing campaigns centered around webinars, drip and nurture emails, PR, and trade shows. Through these various campaigns, marketing was able to deliver enough Sales Qualified Leads to grow sales from $1M to $10M over the span of one year.


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