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  • Brad Herrick

Surge Doubles Down on Healthcare Amid COVID-19 Epidemic

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Some might say it's a tough time for the healthcare industry in general. The global COVID-19 Pandemic has strained hospital and health system resources while contributing to an already worrisome burnout trend among healthcare workers. Health technology and service companies are finding it difficult to garner the attention of prospective clients. We are in a dramatic post-election political transition and the country's future roadmap for healthcare is uncertain.

That's the glass half empty. The half-full perspective? COVID-19 has dealt us all a serious blow. Many of us have lost loved ones to a virus we still don't fully understand. But it has also opened our eyes. Health is finally at the forefront of the American dialogue and we are no longer taking it for granted. Healthcare workers on the front lines of this pandemic have displayed heroism in the face of and unknown enemy. Great minds across the globe are converging to use the most advanced science and technology to save lives.

It is against this problematic yet promising landscape that those of us who have spent our lives transforming healthcare need to double down on our calling. Whether you work for a large health system or a small healthcare start-up, you are in the most important industry in the world doing work that has significant value to the people we all serve. At Surge Health we have doubled down as well. We changed our name from Surge to Surge Health as a small symbol of this commitment. We have added services to help our clients transform to a virtual world. And we are bringing innovative minds to our agency who have a passion for healthcare across a range of specialities, from health systems, to clinical laboratories and genomic technology companies.

The fight has only begun. And we are all here for the long haul. Join us. Let us join you.

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