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The Company


TOA Technologies, based in Cleveland, OH,  had developed a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that solved the age-old problem of “waiting for the cable guy”. TOA’s technology platform enabled a cable company’s mobile workforce to narrow the wait window to one hour, based on a sophisticated predictive model of how those technicians performed in the real-world rather than simply relying on distance models.

The Challenge


The problem was that TOA Technologies had little brand recognition and was positioned in the market as a mobile workforce management solution, a category which didn’t do justice to TOA’s innovative approach to “nailing” the customer appointment experience. TOA needed positioning, messaging and branding that was more aligned to its radical approach to the customer appointment and clearly placed the company in a thought leadership position. 

Our Response

Outsourced VP of Marketing with Surge, focusing on product positioning, branding and messaging, public relations, thought leadership, lead generation and digital marketing.


The Results


Surge aligned the branding and messaging to create a new thought leadership category that TOA could own – Customer Appointment Management. We then developed a PR strategy that showcased the owner, Yuval Brisker,  as a pioneer in improving the customers experience for the cable industry, achieving successful placements in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant and national media. We combined this with highly-targeted digital marketing focused on specific customer segments within the telecommunications industry. After a multi-year engagement with TOA, the company more than tripled its sales, which led to the subsequent acquisition by Oracle.

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